Cross-country skiing

Hone your technique or simply glide leisurely along the groomed trails in Langis-Glaubenberg, the "El Dorado" of cross-country skiing with its 40 km of trails in Melchsee-Frutt, Mörlialp or Engelberg.


This is the "El Dorado" of cross-country skiing. This gloriously idyllic high valley at alt. 1444 m benefits from some 40 km of groomed trails. The skate- and classic-style trails are well marked throughout the area. Some lead over moorland of national importance.

  • The scenically arranged and gently undulating Pirmin and Fröschenseeli trails pass through the idyllic pine forest of the large Schlieren valley. These are good for more advanced skiers.
  • Novices: by offering space and level sections, the Langis is also suitable for beginners by helping them to build up confidence.

A one-day Glaubenberg-Langis skipass costs CHF 10.00

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Melchsee-Frutt offers 15 km of perfectly prepared and varied cross-country trails for skate-and classic-style skiers in a unique winterscape at alt. 2000-plus m.

  • Melchsee-Frutt – Tannalp circular trail: a varied trail for more advanced skiers featuring ups and downs. An idyllic restaurant, the Berggasthaus Tannalp, is a good place to stop off for a break.
  • Circuit on frozen Lake Melch: the ideal trail for novices as it's perfectly flat.

A one-day Melchsee-Frutt skipass costs CHF 8.00

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Cross-country skiing pleasure on the Titlis. Lace up your shoes, you're in for some skating/classic thrills.

  • Gerschnialp – Untertrübsee trail: the 10 km or so trail at alt. 1300 m runs all the way between Gerschnialp and Untertrübsee; it's also suitable for more easy-going skiers. This enjoyable cross-country trail features short, intense as well as more gradual ascents and scenic sections through the snow-covered Gerschni forest.
  • Lake Trüb circuit: this attractively laid out circuit around Lake Trüb at alt. 1800 m blends in with the topography. Skiers can admire the views of the unique glacier and mountain vista from the 6 km or so trail. Its altitude means the facility is skiable until spring. Dogs permitted.

A one-day Engelberg skipass costs CHF 9.00

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Swiss-wide cross-country skipass

Are you a keen cross-country skier? If so, it's worth getting the Swiss-wide cross-country skipass at CHF 140.–. A one-off payment covers you for all 5500 km of trails in the country in one winter.

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