DRIFT – bar, e-sports, games and more

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Drift is – e-sport experiences, top class gaming, drinks and snacks in trendy surroundings – the meeting place for virtual and analogue entertainment in Central Switzerland.

Venue – space for events

The bar on the first floor invites you to linger in a relaxed atmosphere. The beverage assortment ranges from chilled beers and coffee schnapps to long drinks. The dishes feature home-style cuisine, and the portions are impressive. The comfy lounge is where everyone meets.

Club nights, stag do’s, gaming get-togethers or after-work beers – with us, a relaxed atmosphere with good entertainment is guaranteed. You can also bring your own board game and play with friends in the Drift.

Attika – the little venue that packs a punch

The Attika is a separate room with a cosy chill-out lounge for family gatherings and special occasions. A 3D full HD projector and multimedia equipment is provided for a full-on cinematic experience.

Simracing – car racing on the simulators

Simracing is simulated, realistic racing on real race tracks such as the Nürburgring, Laguna Seca and many more. Various categories of racing cars are available, including DTM, GT-3, GT-Masters, etc. The four professional simulators allow drivers to feel as if they’re behind the wheel of a real racing car. You feel every bump and unevenness. The steering and braking provide an authentic racing adventure. Four people can race against each other or each person can race alone against the clock. What’s more, the four drivers can compete online against other drivers sitting in front of the computer at home or driving on simulators in other simracing facilities.

Drift – your new hangout

Drift is the place to be: chilling out, having a beer, downing a burger; then gaming on the console or driving the simracing simulators.

Viktor Röthlin’s tip

“DRIFT is not only about gaming – you’re also welcome to bring your own board and card games.”


Location and contact

DRIFT - dein Eventlokal
Stanserstrasse 109
6064 Kerns
+41 (0)41 666 29 29