Mission Klaus – Flüeli-Ranft Puzzle Trail

Discover the story of the Ranft hermit Brother Klaus and his wife Dorothee in a fun way. Ten tricky missions need to be solved.

Equipped with your own smartphone, the "Klaus Bag" and around 2 hours of time, off you go on your puzzle adventure. Fun and learning guaranteed!

Who is Mission Klaus for?

  • For young people of all ages
  • For family and team outings, friends, youth groups and adults, clubs etc.
  • For people who like solving tricky puzzles and want to learn more about Niklaus von Flüe and his life
  • Ideal for small groups of two to seven people (larger groups are split up and have staggered starts)

How and where does Mission Klaus start?

At the the reception desk of the Jugendstil-Hotel Paxmontana, Dossen 1, Flüeli-Ranft. This is where the “Klaus Bags” containing a guide are handed out and instructions issued.

When does Mission Klaus operate?

  • All year round
  • Throughout the day
  • 7 days a week
  • No preregistration required

What does Mission Klaus cost?

  • Mission Klaus is free of charge.
  • Donations are welcome.
  • Donation box at the start or via IBAN CH80 0078 0000 3517 4215 4 Förderverein Niklaus von Flüe und Dorothee Wyss

Any further questions?

Please send questions or suggestions to the Sachseln pilgrimage office, kontaktbruderklaus.com or phone +41 (0)41 660 44 18.


Location and contact

6073 Flüeli-Ranft
+41 41 660 44 18