Schacherseppli Trail

Promenade Route
9.7 km
Travel time
approx. 3 h
Tour details
Tour details
Schacherseppli Trail
Wegweiser Schacherseppli Erlebnisweg
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus
Schacherseppli Trail
Holzfigur Schacherseppli
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus
Schacherseppli Trail
Brücke über die Laui
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus
Explore the Schacherseppli Trail in Giswil, which commemorates the late yodeller Ruedi Rymann.
Ruedi Rymann became Giswil's most famous son through his work. The Schacherseppli trail was created to honour him and his famous hit "Dr Schacherseppli". It presents the work of Ruedi Rymann amidst wonderful natural surroundings.

The trail begins at Giswil station, where a tall wooden Schacherseppli figure marks the starting point. Special signposts lead to Bahnhofweg, where the first post is located at the old railway station stables.

In addition to the 10 km circular walk, a shorter trail 4 km trail is dedicated to the song "Dr Schacherseppli". This is marked in blue and branches off at the bridge over the Laui. It is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. Take care: the bridge over the Laui is only 80 cm wide.

Technical details

Tour type
Promenade Route
Starting point
Giswil station
Point of arrival
Giswil station
1 / 6
114 m
115 m
Best Time of Year
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
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Good to know

Arrival / Return journey

Auf der A2 von Luzern her im Tunnel auf die A8 Richtung Interlaken, Sarnen wechseln und dem Strassenverlauf bis nach Giswil folgen.

Von Interlaken via Brünig auf der A8 bis zur Ausfahrt Giswil.

Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Ab Luzern oder Interlaken mit dem Luzern-Interlaken-Express nach Giswil.