Archaeology theme trail - the old Brünig mule track

Thematic Trail
3.7 km
Travel time
approx. 2 ½ h
Tour details
Tour details
Archaeology theme trail - the old Brünig mule track
Themenweg Archäologie - Der alte Brünig Saumweg
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus
Archaeology theme trail - the old Brünig mule track
Steintreppe Hagflue - Römertreppe ©Arbeitsgemeinschaft Prospektion AGP (Fotograf; APG)
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus
The archaeology theme trail on the old Brünig mule track in Lungern offers spectacular finds, preserved remains from times gone by and much more.
The theme trail starts in Obsee and follows the old stone steps of the Hagsflue along the Balmiflue to the well-known Letzi, where remains of medieval border fortifications can still be found today. After a short descent, the trail regains its old sunken way appearance in the Oberhus area. Proceed along the right side of the valley to Seewli, up to Cholhüttliwald forest, where an old charcoal burner's hut was recently rediscovered. Below the Brünig Arena bend, the original mule track continues over the Bärschwendi towards Italy. The theme trail ends here in the immediate vicinity of the Brünig Pass.

QR codes and an accompanying brochure, available at the Lungern station buffet and the Obwalden Tourism information desk at Sarnen station, help visitors of all ages navigate the trail. Further details of the archaeological research on the Brünig can be consulted online at www.erlebnisausstellung.ch

Technical details

Tour type
Thematic Trail
3 / 6
348 m
64 m
Best Time of Year
May, June, July, August, September, October

Prospekt Themenweg Archäologie mit Postenbeschrieben ist bei Obwalden Tourismus erhältlich

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Accessible by bus and train
Public transport
Mit dem Zug der Zentralbahn von Luzern oder Interlaken direkt nach Lungern.