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Lake Tannensee

Lake Tannensee
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Unbekannt
Lake Tannensee
Bänkli am Tannensee
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Unbekannt

This lake is east of Lake Melchsee. A road on the northern shore links Melchsee-Frutt with Tannalp.
Lake Tannensee is a popular fishing destination. Ice fishing is available on the frozen lake in winter.

Barbecue spots by Lake Tannensee 
Spacious barbecue spots are available at the lake's dam and on the eastern shore; they're equipped with dry firewood and grilling implements.

Lake Tannensee is used by the Elektrizitätswerk Obwalden power generator, which is why its water level goes up and down depending on electricity requirements.


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6068 Melchsee-Frutt