Restaurant Taptim Thai

Restaurant Taptim Thai

It all started with the holidays in Thailand of the former director Bruno Odermatt. He fell in love with the light, tasty cuisine and was determined to bring it to Obwalden. To find a suitable chef, he visited the best, most famous restaurants in Bangkok. When he found what he was looking for, he asked the chef whether he would like to come to Switzerland. Yes was the answer, but the chef stayed only one year: the culture shock was too great. Sunan, the waitress, on the other hand, has been with the restaurant since it opened 24 years ago and has been assisted by her sister Pranom for 20 years.

In the kitchen, Max has been providing fresh, colourful dishes for 23 years now. Joe has been actively assisting him in this endeavour for several years. In order to be able to offer authentic cuisine, the crockery and ingredients are supplied by a Thai food importer. Even a Tuk Tuk was transported to Wilen to give diners the ultimate Thailand holiday feeling. In the meantime, the Taptim Thai has become known far beyond the cantonal borders.Hospitality is very important in Thailand. Experience culinary journeys of discovery in an authentically relaxed ambience in our Thai restaurant.

Opening hours
open daily

40 seats inside and 120 outside


Location and Contact

Wilerbadstrasse 6
6062 Wilen
+41 (0)41 662 70 70