Fluonalp dairy

Historical Site
Fluonalp dairy
The Fluonalp dairy is situated in the midst of lush alp pastures bordering the nature and wildlife reserve below the Giswilerstock. It offers wonderful views over Lake Sarnen as far as the Pilatus, the Rigi and Lake Lucerne.

The dairy converts up to 2000 litres of milk a day into sbrinz, alp and goat's cheese, and butter. The milk comes from the 140 or so cows that spend the summer grazing the surrounding alps. These include Brosmatt, Mittlist and Oberst Fluonalp, Rieben and Schwantelen. Four dairymen and women take care of the livestock and ensure the supply of good quality milk. The alpine herbs in the grass contribute to the typical aroma of the cheeses made here.

Tours of the dairy can be booked in advance, as can cheesemaking workshops.