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Canyoning is the process of making your way through gorges wearing special gear. Continuously flowing water has created spectacular some natural phenomena.

Outventure's canyoning tours offer adventure, thrills and lots of fun. Wearing a neoprene wetsuit, you jump, slide, swim, run and abseil through the scenic gorge.

The canyoning tour along the Kleine Schliere near Alpnach takes you into one of the most best, most interesting gorges in German-speaking Switzerland. This tour in the heart of Switzerland is characterised by breathtaking jumps and long slides. You're guaranteed an unforgettable experience and a concentration of thrills.

The impressively deep Grosse Melchaa gorge is flanked by grey limestone. It usually has a relatively large amount of lovely-looking turquoise-blue water flowing through it. The route isn't technically demanding, but its special ambience means there's a lot for nature lovers to enjoy.


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