Christian Sigrist Collection

Christian Sigrist, creator of the wonderfully detailed wood miniatures, lived in Sachseln. "Sagä Chrischti", as he was known, was host at the legendary Älggi-Post in Obwalden between 1934 and 1971. During quiet times he began to carve the implements and tools of alp life in miniature. This laid the foundation for today's collection of carvings.

His motifs were the occupations, agricultural trades and ancient crafts which he saw disappearing. These miniatures act as hand-carved testaments and chronicles of a world that was self-sufficient. They show the extent to which crafts and agriculture were part and parcel of the village structure in the first half of the 20th century. As "staged narratives", the miniatures also prompt visitors to reflect on the speed of globalisation in our time.

Meticulously recording individual crafts and rural activities that have declined and even disappeared, the collection as a whole provides an overview of rural social structures and shows that one cannot exist without the other.

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