The museums of the Obwalden region contain treasures, rarities, curiosities, engineering, science, art and culture, history and nature.

Obwalden History Museum

The focus of the History Museum is on Obwalden history, art, crafts, folklore and customs.

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Christian Sigrist Collection

28 hand-carved wooden miniatures recall everyday rural life in the farm building of the Brother Klaus Museum in Sachseln.

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Brother Klaus Museum, Sachseln

The Brother Klaus Museum traces the life of Niklaus von Flüe, the patron saint of Switzerland otherwise known as Brother Klaus, and of his wife Dorothee Wyss.

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Burch-Korrodi Collection

Meinrad Burch-Korrodi was a goldsmith and collector of graphic art from Canton Obwalden. His collection may be viewed by prior arrangement.

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