Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a revolutionary exercise concept that provides a very gentle whole-body workout. It promotes a zest for life, a desire to exercise in the great outdoors, and lots more.

Like cross-country skiing, Nordic walking trains all the important muscle groups, but without stressing the joints.

Helsana Trail Langis

Created in the Glaubenberg – Langis in 2009, the Helsana Trail at alt. 1440 m is ideally suited to training for running and Nordic walking during the summer months. It's designed for beginners as well as for more advanced users. The info panel at the start of the trail contains advice about the right technique, how to maintain a healthy exercise intensity, and strengthening and stretching exercises; it leads to coordination training.

The Helsana Trail offers three circuits:

  • One that's 2.1 km in length
  • One that's 5.1 km in length
  • One that's 12.1 km in length. They start and end at the Langis car park.

The circuits follow gravel paths; parts of the longest one follow footpaths through the Glaubenberg's unique upland moor terrain.

Parts of the Helsana Trail overlap with the Moorbäer Path – a fun themed trail for all ages that teaches visitors about moor landscapes.