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Arrive 'n' go! Simplicity is what it's all about when it comes to hiking, walking and running in Obwalden. Summer and winter, Obwalden is Switzerland's most rewarding walking and running region thanks to the varied terrain, wealth of aerial cableways and places to eat, and peaceful hotels, holiday apartments and other forms of accommodation.


Almost all the footpaths offer views, encounters with the local flora and fauna, and idyllic resting and picnic spots. And while some have historical monuments as their goal, others are themed trails of interest to children as well as grown-ups.

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If you loke to push yourself from time to time and see nature as your favourite training partner, then Obwalden's the place for you.

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Nordic Walking

The Helsana Trail in the Langis-Glaubenberg area is ideal for training running, walking and Nordic walking in the summer months.

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Theme Trails

Check out Obwalden's theme trails focused on myths, cute animals and musical legends; outing involving water, picnics and even the geographic centre of Switzerland. They're perfect for anyone needing a break and looking forward to a good walk our hike- or maybe just a stroll.

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High Ropes Courses & Climbing

Three spectacular ropes parks in Obwalden invite you to discover. Or put your courage and skills to the test in the outdoor climbing crags. Varied climbing routes are available on Melchsee-Frutt.

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Obwalden Footpaths Association

Experienced guides show you the beauties of the area, provide information and lead you safely to and from your desired destination.

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