Llama trekking

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A very special adventure awaits where llama trekking is involved.

Tours with llamas in Obwalden make a wonderful day out for families or groups such as clubs and companies. Get to know the llamas and then walk together through the Obwalden mountains. Everyone on the tour is accompanied by his or her own llama.

Llamas are very intelligent and inquisitive and they learn fast. They communicate with each other through posture, tail and ear movements as well as a variety of sounds.

Lunch is cooked over an open fire. On offer are half-, full- and two-day tours, as well as tours tailored to individual requirements.


Location and contact

Lama-Trekking Giswil
Marlène & Ernst Ambauen
6074 Giswil
+41 (0)41 675 25 77