Donkey trekking

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Ever wanted to know whether donkeys really are stubborn? Find out for yourself (PS: they're not!).

Donkeys know their own mind, but once you've made friends with the good-natured animals, they'll do anything for you.

Before you set off, you'll be shown how to lead, feed and care for the animals and what their character traits and habits are like. They can carry your bag or even your children. The donkeys walk at a leisurely pace, so there's plenty of time to explore the flora and fauna along the way.

On offer is a one-day trek, a two-day trek, and trekking followed by a barbecue or fondue.


Location and contact

Asinerie Schürmatt
Schürmatt 1
6055 Alpnach-Dorf
+41 (0)79 350 21 71