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Alp transhumance

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From far away you can hear the bells of the approaching cattle with the herdsmen and women. Having spent four months up in the alps (alpine pastures), the cows are returning to the valley.

Transhumance is a striking example of an actively lived tradition. After spending three to four months of the summer in the freshness of the high-altitude alps, the herds of beautifully decorated animals return to the valley, accompanied by dairymen/women and herdsmen/women. Transhumance is a colourful example of lived tradition and an authentic custom.

Major transhumance, Kerns

On Saturday, 28 September 2019 some 10 herdsmen and women and the animals they've been responsible for on the alp will arrive in the village of Kerns at around midday. This traditional event is framed by numerous market stalls heaving with local delicacies, alphorn blowing and flag throwing.

Further information to follow.