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Langis Glaubenberg

The largest moor landscape in Switzerland

The Glaubenberg moor landscape lies between the Entlebuch and Lakes Lungern and Sarnen. The area is an important habitat for the highly endangered capercaillie. It's the largest moor landscape in Switzerland: its 30 square kilometres make it slightly bigger than Lake Lucerne.

The last 150 years have seen moors suffer more encroachment and degradation than any other habitat. Today they rank among the most valuable areas in terms of biodiversity, which is why they are now rigorously protected.

The landscape is characterised by numerous moors, wooded areas and alpine pastures, some of which are closely interlinked. Man has been exploiting and shaping the landscape for centuries. Torrents have dug deep into the flysch substrate, a soft, relatively impervious rock. Slopes in zones like this tend to slip downwards. The varied moor landscape with groups of shrubs and trees dotted about provides an ideal habitat for grouse, including the capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse.


Winter finds the area transformed into a glorious winter wonderland. The Langis-Glaubenberg region is an "El Dorado" for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. This idyllic high valley at alt. 1444 m benefits from some 40 km of groomed trails.

PostBus service

The same seasonal timetable from Sarnen to Langis is now offered in summer and winter. In winter, the buses run from mid-December to the beginning of April and the newly launched summer season lasts from mid-June to mid-October. On weekends in summer, there is also a connection in Langis with the service to Entlebuch.

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Location and contact

Obwalden Tourismus
Moorlandschaft Langis
+41 41 666 50 40