Snowbiking and fondue at Mörlialp

Always doing the same thing can be boring – winter’s all about variety! Snowbiking provides the perfect change of scene as a fun and easy alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

As a rule of thumb, if you can ride a bike, you can snowbike. Brief basic instructions from a ski instructor show you how to cope with the ski lift, after which you’re off on an easy slope. After completing a short basic course, you receive a card with which you can rent a snowbike anywhere in the world. When you’ve had enough, enjoy a fondue at the Berggasthaus Giswilerstock.


No. of persons:
Between 4 and 13

During the weekly night skiing sessions on Friday or Saturday.

Be at the Snow Shop for equipment issue at 18.30 00 / course from 19.00 00 - approx. 19.45 45

30 - 45 minutes’ induction course

Maximum weight 130 kg

What to bring:
Helmet and winter clothing, if possible also a back protector. Ski boots for the foot ski, which forms part of the snowbike equipment. Ski boots are also available for hire.

Package includes:
- Cheese fondue (from 4 persons) + CHF 20.- for fondue chinoise
- Snowbike rental for 2 hours
- After completing the basic course, participants receive a snowbike course training card, which can then be used to rent a snowbike anywhere in the world!

Ski lift pass

CHF 60.- / per person

Roll the film!