HolzerSauna – the sauna on Lake Sarnen

A real sauna experience in the HolzerSauna outdoor sauna with fantastic views of Lake Sarnen. Fire up the Finnish-style wood-burning sauna yourself and cool off in Lake Sarnen.

Once upon a time there was a forestry lorry in the Sachseln forest. This vehicle served the foresters of Sachseln for decades as kitchen, dining room and workshop in summer and winter. It exuded warmth and containment. 2019 Then one day this old lorry was replaced by a new one. Bärgluft GmbH, Parkett Schoonwater GmbH and Waser & Wieland GmbH dismantled it and created the unique HolzerSauna using the materials they could recover.

“Not luxurious – simple but cosy” is the motto. The sauna is ideal for up to four persons but can accommodate six. There’s no shower, but a toilet is nearby. To cool off, Lake Sarnen is on the sauna doorstep.

Sauna hire

1 Hour and more CHF 30.-/h (pay on site via Twint or Paypal).
The sauna can be hired for up to four persons. It takes about 45 minutes to heat up.


Location and contact

Holzer Sauna
6072 Sachseln
+41 (0)79 689 38 49