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Insider tip – Chäppeli-Cheglä

Chäppäli-Cheglä is a mixture of skittles, mini golf and curling – on these unique five wooden lanes, skill as well as a little luck is required.

For CHF 2.00 you can play three rounds on the unique Chäppäli-Cheglä wooden lanes. Up to six points per lane are possible. The three rounds are added together at the end.

The Chäppeli lies between Lungern and the Brünig at alt. 911 m. On this historic parade ground, there is a lot more to discover besides the Chäppeli Cheglä and the fantastic views of Lake Lungern. The Bergwirtschaft Chäppeli hostelry with its barbecue facilities and a children’s playground surrounded by tranquillity and nature invites you to linger.

By the way, you can hand in the points sheet containing the results of your game to the Chäppeli’s host. The latest highest scores are displayed in the hostelry. Join in and become a champion in this year’s Chäppäli-Cheglä championship


Another insider tip is having a chat with the host: he’s been involved in archaeological digs and can provide details of what’s been found.

Opening hours

May to June 2020
Thursday to Sunday

July to August 2020
Wednesday to Sunday

September to October 2020
Thursday to Sunday

10.0000 - 17.0000

Closed: Monday and Tuesday

Groups of 10 or more: preferably by prior arrangement.

Closed in very bad weather (i.e. Swiss flag not flying).


Location and contact

Bergwirtschaft Chäppeli
6078 Lungern
+41 (0)76 472 97 76