Insider tip – Chärwald Robbers adventure trail

The Chärwaldräuber adventure trail with its various posts introduces visitors to the beauty and special features of the forest landscape.

Immerse yourself in a robber’s adventure in the fairytale Kernwald forest on the border between Obwalden and Nidwalden. Want to be like Ronja the Robber’s daughter? The Chärwald Robbers can be encountered at various posts in the Kernwald. In the process, you learn a lot about the robbers in the forest. There’s something to do at all the posts: hunt for treasure, throw pine cones and lots more. A highlight for all the family.

ESPECIALLY for families: Zubersrüti barbecue spot
After so much activity, a picnic at the Zubersrüti would be just right. The large covered barbecue and three other covered shelters with wooden tables and benches, as well as a wooden Hollywood swing, make your break an unforgettable experience.


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