Let the LET'S GOW app find your walking/running/skiing partner!

Obwalden is Switzerland's walking/running/skiing paradise. It's Switzerland's most interesting walking/running/skiing region thanks to its plethora of routes and paths for hiking, walking, jogging, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing and snowshoe trekking.

And nature in all its glory is your constant companion throughout. But you can only really enjoy these activities when you share them with someone else.

So hooray for the unique walking/running/skiing partner app for Switzerland's running paradise! It's where devotees of the great outdoors can find like-minded partners – filtered by activity 
and fitness level: simple, nationwide and free. There's no need to walk/run/ski alone ever again!

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Location and contact

Obwalden Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 1
6060 Sarnen
+41 (0)41 666 50 40