Lake Blauseeli

Lake Blauseeli
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Obwalden Tourismus
Lake Blauseeli
Fliegenfischen am Blauseeli
Photo: Obwalden Tourismus, Unknown
Lake Blauseeli at Melchsee-Frutt is a great place for enjoying the tranquillity of the mountains; the large stones around the lake make great seats.

The Blauseeli (literally: little blue lake) is aptly named, because it appears in various shades of blue. It is a gem for fly fishers. The particular ambience offers a very special fishing experience.

The peaceful location of the little lake is also popular with hikers, who can watch the casting skills of fly fishers while enjoying their picnic. 

On the way to Blauseeli, you are accompanied by the whistling of marmots, and if you are lucky, you may spot a herd of chamois or ibex through your binoculars. Sometimes eagles circle high above.


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6068 Melchsee-Frutt